Dyamond Gordon is a Jamaican painter who excels in the use of color and movement and the art of utilizing her skills to convey her emotions.


She explores the potentials of color and tonal scales, visual appeal and volume within a two-dimensional framework. Viewing her dynamic works of art is an exciting experience.

Due to the large scale of her paintings, her use of color extend beyond our basic perception of art.  As colorful patterns advance and recede, they mimic the manner in which the world operates.

She brings an extensive mastery of color, rhythm, and compositional elements to each painting. Her art is visual poetry bursting forth with relentless energetic expression.

Dyamond has developed her own visual vocabulary and inimitable style. She invites us to view the world as a magical, fluid and invigorating panorama. Through her paintings we experience our universe with a new expansive and compelling perspective.


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